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Whether you have finished consuming Brandon's training, or you're still taking in all the great free training, and you've seen the countless success stories and testimonials, then I don't need to tell you this system works!

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These Accelerators are specially created resources that allow you to move faster, further, and easier towards your financial independence... it's just like taking a match to gasoline!

And unlike other bonuses that are primarily focused on a bunch of marketing hype or fad-like tactics around videos, Facebook ads or social media dressed up and called something else, these specially created bonuses are the VERY FOUNDATION of generating more income, optimizing your profits & building wealth so you can finally be financially free! (don't fall for the hype!!) It's time to get your money to work harder for you than you did for it so you can ACTUALLY and FINALLY get off the entrepreneurial treadmill and take control of your time back.

Wasting Money on a Bunch of Marketing Tactics May Get You More Sales But Without Understanding Money Game, You Only End Up Running Longer, Faster and Harder With Nothing to Show For It...No Profits, No Freedom, Stressed and No Wealth..."

Think about it this way, would you buy a piece of raw dirt before a building is built on it but you're asked to pay the price as if the building were already there?

Of course NOT!

That's exactly what wasting money on marketing tactics, tools and strategies is like when you haven't got the right money principles or financial tools that actually not only help you maximize your income but also optimize your profits so you can build real wealth through your business without becoming enslaved by your business.

Look, I'm sure you already realize that all the great marketing in the world doesn't mean you'll make money let alone build any wealth.

What's that old saying, "put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig..."
Don't fall for it!!!

Nope! this specially created bundle (NGM + my unique accelerators) are the meat of all you need to make MONEY, create WEALTH and find FREEDOM.

Learn from the Guy Who Showed Me EXACTLY How to bring my message to life and do a multi-six figures in my first launch of The Affluence Blueprint™!

"As my personal mentor, messaging coach and now close friend, I 100% endorse Brandon and his programs as the go-to-source for helping you get your messaging and positioning right so you can scale your business!"

INTRODUCING Your 5 Wealth-Accelerating Goodies Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It's really simple: Brandon is going to show you how to generate more money in your business through positioning and messaging, and I'm gonna show you exactly what to do with that money, so it can make you even more.

When You Join Brandon & Me Today You'll Get These Five Exclusive Accelerators To Create Your Path to Cash & Wealth Without Getting Stuck on the Entrepreneur Treadmill...

...these Are The Very Things That Most Online Businesses Are Lacking Not More Marketing, More Videos, Or More Facebook Ads!!!

Let Brandon get you on the money-making train. 

Let Me Help You Get you on the wealth creation train so you actually make money, have an impact, build wealth AND live a richer lifestyle.

What That Means to You is No More Being Stuck on a Treadmill of Stress, Frustration, and Low Cash Flow.

Think About How Your Life Would Change With That...Amazing Right?

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Create a Money Plan That Shifts Your Money Game Into High Gear

This is a special live training to help entrepreneurs just like you build a strong financial foundation for business growth and wealth creation.

You’ll get the specific principles and tactics that will build a plan to your own definition of your financial destiny.

Money Plan Challenge! ($597 Value)

HOW TO EXPANDING YOUR MONEY MIND will remove the invisible obstacles that are standing in the way of your wealth. Finally, you are no longer held back by your past money stories and can actually move forward with greater confidence, understanding and clarity.

DISCOVER THE BEST WAY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DEBT so you no longer need to feel the pressure of the debt you might carry. You will have a specific plan to become debt-free at an accelerated pace.

PLUG YOUR FINANCIAL LEAKS by getting clear on where your sources of income are and more importantly where all your income is going. We’ll build an intentional and conscious plan of spending that makes wealth creation a priority.





Protect Your Legacy By Documenting Your Legacy!

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is knowing specifically how to organize their money stuff.

The Affluence Organizer™ is a proprietary fill in the blanks system to organize, retain and protect everything related to your wealth, money and legacy.

The Affluence Organizer ($397 Value)

CREATE A PERSONALIZED CONSOLIDATED RECORD OF EVERYTHING RELATED TO YOUR FINANCES so you know specifically what documents are important and what you have in the way of assets, liabilities and other important information for your life.

UNDERSTAND THE KEY RECORD RETENTION REQUIREMENTS so you know which documents to keep and for how long. This way you know longer have useless information cluttering your field or your computer but you keep the key things that matter for you and your family.

THE ORGANIZER ACTS AS A SINGLE REGISTRY of all the important contacts, information and holdings for you to allow for more effective communication with your various professionals and advisors.

“Debt free and building wealth within 10 months!”

"Mel showed me that I didn’t have to stay in debt

with my student loans and I could use my

business to become debt free and build wealth.

Within ten months I was paid off $100K in

student loans and building wealth. Before Mel I

thought it was impossible to pay off that much

debt and now at the age of 30 I’m completely

debt free! Mel’s training is the no one is talking

about but 100% should be and is so needed!"


Marketing & Business Strategist





Continue Your Success Path With Personal Guidance From Mel

Four Weeks Additional Coaching ($4000 value)

You’ll be invited to participate in Mel’s Exclusive Extended Office Hours to get personal access to Mel for an additional 60-days after the program.

EXTENDED ACCESS to Mel as your personal guide to make sure you continue your forward progress to freedom

ADDITIONAL NUANCED TRAINING so you can access the latest strategies as they come up during the 60 days

ALL RECORDED in a private portal so you have access to them over and over again.





Get Your Business Parts Right!

If you're going to build a real Thought Leader business, you'll need to make sure that you have the business side set up properly. These operational elements of the business are typically forgotten or put on the back burner yet often become the death-knell for many businesses.

Business Builder Toolkit was created by me and as a CPA and entrepreneurial advisor, I'm uniquely qualified to provide you the specific guidance you need to set up your business, protect your business and ultimately build a business of value.

Business Builder Toolkit ($997 Value)

THE KEY THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN DECIDING YOUR COMPANY NAME AND SETTING UP THE PROPER ACCOUNTS so you start on the right foot and are building a brand that is sustainable!

WHAT ENTITY STRUCTURE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER so that you can properly decide on LLC, Corporation or other structures to protect your business and assets.

WHAT ADVISORS YOU NEED On YOUR TEAM and how to find them so you can make sure your financial future is on solid footing and poised to grow for years to come!

“Mel is the mastermind that I go to on everything money and business. ”

With Mel's guidance, my business is running more profitably and is funding my financial future beyond what I imagined. He's changed the way I think about money and how I approach my wealth building forever! If you get to work with this guy make sure you do it, he’s a genuine heart & true expert! His hidden magic is his ability to take experts and thought leaders to another level in their brand and business. He’s helped me build mine so I know he can help you build yours.

Brendon Burchard,

#1 NY Times Best Selling Author

& Global Thought Leader





Money for your thoughts!

One of the keys to getting to financial liberation sooner is to increase your income. Incremental shifts in your income can have monumental shifts in your wealth. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by getting paid for what you know.

When you join today, you'll get access to my training that was recorded live around building you Unique Methodology ™, the right way. This was 3 days of deep dive training to build your thought leadership and position you as the "go-to" person on your topic.  

Money For Your Thoughts ($597 value)

GET KNOWN FOR WHAT YOU KNOW and get paid well for making a difference!

CREATE YOUR SIGNATURE FRAMEWORKS that drive, emotion, understanding and distinction.

BUILD YOUR PROPRIETARY PROCESS that gets results for your clients easily!






This was my exclusive LIVE event where we came together to walk through your meaningful money journey.

"Wealth Unleashed: Building Your Financial Freedom Virtual Summit" is designed to take you on a comprehensive journey through the core principles of financial empowerment, as explored in the groundbreaking book, "Building Your Money Machine: How to Get Your Money to Work Harder For You Than You Did For It."

The Wealth Unleashed Summit ($997 Value)

FOUNDATIONS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM - Learn the building blocks of creating a money machine that works for you, transforming your relationship with money.

MINDSET FOR MONEY & FINANCIAL SUCCESS - Uncover the mindset shifts necessary for overcoming financial fears and embracing a life of abundance.

THE JOURNEY FROM EARNING TO LEGACY - Explore how to transition from simply earning money to building a lasting legacy and achieving true financial freedom. 

"Mel's solid strategy allowed us to buy our dream home a block from the beach!"

With Mel's guidance, my business is running more profitably and is funding my financial future beyond what I imagined. He's changed the way I think about money and how I approach my wealth building forever!I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about money until I met Mel. I had invested in some stocks did well, I was earning a great income, yet I didn’t realize how fragile my financial position was until I went through my first training with him. I now know exactly what moves to make to retire comfortably, how to manage my monthly income and how to invest for my future.

Mel is real, approachable and makes talking about money fun, simple and relatable.


Founder, Thrivers Society


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Invisible Messaging Elements

The most vital part of effective messaging is invisible to most. In fact, most people skip over this because they want things like language patterns, frameworks, scripts, messaging strategy, effective content types, etc and we will give you ALL of those. However, after working with over 1,000 students we realized the people who ALL saw the best results were tapping into 7 invisible elements... some of them were doing it by accident. Well, we don't want you to do it by accident. We want you to take advantage of these elements, be intentional and use them NOW! This section FUELS the rest of the course and KNOWing these elements helps bring bigger results, faster.


Demand-Creating Messaging Ecosystem

Some of the biggest reasons most unheard entrepreneurs have messaging and content problems are because their messaging is scattered, it's not consistent, they're NOT clear on their message themselves, they don't know the specific problems they solve, and they are NOT effective in how they communicate in their content. We solve all that by creating, dialing in, and helping you grow and evolve your messaging ecosystem. This shows you exactly what to say, how to say it, and build an ecosystem that allows all the RIGHT messaging elements to hit your audience so that you connect, build demand, and stand out no matter where someone experiences you and your content online. This takes all the guesswork out of what to say and leaves you ONLY saying the right things, at the right time, to the right people. 


Unique & Engaging Content Structures

This is more than just creating effective messaging... it's about turning it into content that gets engagement, creates demand, stands out, builds automated connection, and PULLS in the EXACT audience you want. That content can be done through video, images, live streams, podcasts, and more! We show you how to create HYPER ENGAGING content through all those mediums. You get to choose what type of content you want and we will show you how to put it together with your powerful messaging, language patterns, titles, scripts, copy, and more. You will never have to guess what to say, how to say it, and how to put it into content. After publishing hundreds of podcasts, images, videos and producing millions of impressions and views we have tested what content, titles, messaging, scripts, and styles work best in today's online world. That's what this section is all about.


FAST Exposure - Get Eyeballs On You Quickly!

In this program, you will begin to master your messaging, create demand-creating content, stand out, pull in the right audience, and more. But, I want it to happen quickly. I don't want you to spend years posting, testing, and tweaking. I want you to do it quickly, easily, and affordably. We are going to walk you through our process for posting, driving TARGETED views overnight, testing, improving, tweaking, and evolving your message & content fast. You don't have to waste years hoping people find your dialed-in content. We will show you how to do it so you get eyeballs on you literally overnight!

Key Business Drivers $497 VALUE

"I've Become a Leader In My Space and... I Finally Feel I Connected My Messaging On a Whole Other Level"

Kayse Morris More Than 3x’ed Her Business & Had Her Biggest Launch That Hit Well Into Multiple Six-Figures.

A few years ago Kayse came to us to change her content, messaging and take advantage of this shift. After going through this shift with our messaging process and content methodology, in a year's time, she has more than 3x’ed her business, she had her biggest launch of her life that hit well into multiple six figures, and most importantly created an audience who believes in her message just as much as she does...

in fact, her audience has rallied behind her “CEO Teacher” movement and message so intensely that they printed out her message and put it in their office, on their walls, and even reposted it on social media. She’s also been invited to be on panels at events like Kajabi with people like Rick Mulready, James Wedmore, and other 7 figure entrepreneurs.

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If you're like me, you're excited about being able to build a business on your terms, based on proven maps and processes that create programs that sell so you can...

When I first met Brandon, I had already done a number of launches and even become a #1 Best Selling Author on Barnes & Noble and USA Today.  

But...the reality

I was killing myself putting things out into the world, trying to make things stick, and trying to grow my online business. My results were inconsistent, my effort was frenetic and my life was stressed!

I don't know about you but that's not my picture of success. Then I met Brandon and became one of his original "beta" members of Video 4X. Not only did he teach a better way, he modeled it.  For this first time I was able to connect deeper with my market, my clients and my customers and use the processes to build a sustainable business the way I want it and support the life that I want for myself and my beautiful bride Stefanie.

With these tools, his strategies and guidance, this year and beyond is looking like a whole new world for us. My ability to generate consistent income serving people I care about, doing the things I love to do and in the way I want to do them is off the charts.

This is what I want for you too. It IS possible and it's your time to fly! 

SIMPLY PUT... Getting involved with Brandon and New Generation Mastery has been TRANSFORMATIVE!

And Brandon Lucero is THE MAN who helped me clarify, map out and make it a reality!

And now, you can get all the same strategies, processes and maps in his signature training program 'NEW GENERATION MASTERY!"

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